The History Of

Clyde's Place

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The Nay's sold it to Bev & Monte Learn. They named it the Bevmont until their divorce at which time it was renamed Monte's

Monte sold the bar in the early 1970's to June White. She named it the Junebug and had plans of turning the bar into a bowling alley, but that never materialized.

In 1975 the bar was sold to Dan & Shirley Russell and renamed Danny's.

The Russell's sold the bar on a land contract to Rick Salvatore in 1977. It was renamed Rick's Hopping Log until it was repossessed by Danny in 1979.

Shirley Russell continued to manage the bar after Danny's passing until 1985 when she sold it to Clyde Moyer who renamed it Clyde's Place.

Clyde sold the bar to his Daughter and Son-in-law James & Sherry Jutson in 1996. The Clyde's Place name has lived on since.

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